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"A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes"

Mohandas Gandhi
Placement Cell
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Training & Placement Department was established during 2004 by RIET, to fully gear up, to place its students in leading National & Multi-National organizations.   The Training and Placement Department, organizes for conduct of Training Programs to help students to overcome their weaknesses and develop strengths.

These programs are planned and conducted, so that students perform well in the campus selections, conducted by various companies. Placement Department believes that students require more than routine training. To help such students, Personality Development Program (PDP) is organized periodically.  A comprehensive training scheduled has been formulated in the curriculum of the college for effective implementation and practicing an exclusive career that has been set up.  This unique feature facilitates our students to have a cutting edge in all fronts.
 An advance communication Lab has been introduced to all students throughout the semesters, and designed to help, communicate effectively and succeed in both their professional and personal life.  The course focuses on mould the personality of the students by enhancing their communicative competence and interpersonal skills to fulfil its primary objective that is placements and to gain entry into the corporate world and help them grow as successful professional.

Today’s competitive work environment demands a person with good interpersonal skills, team building skills, leadership qualities, creative skills, negotiation skills and ability to manage time, stress and crisis situations.  The Communication Lab seeks to fulfil this requirement through an activity-based courseware which includes group activities, games, role plays and questionnaires.  Resume writing, mock interviews and group discussions are taken up to install confidence in the student and prepare him for career and life ahead.
  The objective of this program is the overall development of personality of the students.

"To place all the eligible students before completing their course"

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