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The placement cell plays a prominent role in the campus. The prime objective is to create job opportunities for the young engineers passing out from out colleges by keeping liaison with reputed firms and industrial establishments. A senior faculty member is appointed to look the placement programmes as part time placement Officer. The major programmes of the cell are

Campus Interview
Campus interviews are conducted by reputed concerns.

Career Programme

The placement cell organises career guidance programmes for students. The cell arranges training programmes like facing the interview, group discussions etc. The cell also invites service organisations like Lions Club, Rotary Club and Jaycees to conduct such training programmes and mould the career of students.

Inplant Training
In order to gain subject oriented practice in various faculties, the pre-final students are required to undergo inplant training during semester holiday. Small groups of 5 students each will be sent to various organisations and other Public Works Departments.

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Call: +91 (0) 182 432 4182

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