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Fresher Party
Date 19/08/2009 22:48  Hits 6885  
Fresher Party

A Formal interaction done between the seniors and new comers which raises the comfort level of newly enrolled amongst the seniors.

At the start of the academic year come the traditional fun filled Fresher's party is held which blends the old and the new students to common rhythm. For old students it is the time to welcome new friends and to play host. The party is  indeed a grand start as it assists in establishing a friendly relationship between the fresher’s and the senior students.
The formal fresher party is organized at much loved premises of the college campus in the month of September. Students joined by the faculty and HOD'S extend their best wishes to the new lives at RIET.

The party is inaugurated by Chief Guest. They welcome the fresher. The auditorium is packed to hilt. The girls and boys show great sportsmanship as they dance to various hits to entertain the fresher. Traditional Bhangra and Giddha performances are considered the main performances of the event.
There  is also an arrangement of snacks and lunch as well. Staff members also guide and take care of students.
At the end of the ceremony, Mr. & Miss. Fresher are selected.
All had a great fun and entertainment. The fresher’s party is a sweet dream we always have in our heart.



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