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"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new "

Albert Einstein
Founders of Ramgarhia Educational Council, Phagwara
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 Founders of  Ramgarhia Educational Council, Phagwara

Late S. Mohan Singh Hadiabadi

Founder President REC 1929-1964

Late S. Mohan Singh Hadiabadi can be described as the solar center round whom all the Institutions as Planets revolved. The success of RamgarhiaEducational system depended upon his princely donations, his sagacity, fertile imagination, originality & long experience. In 1929, he founded primary school to educate the masses without discrimination, his commitment and hardwork raised the school to middle in 1933 and then into higher secondary in 1961.

Late S. Mela Singh Bhogal

Karamyogi & Ex President REC 1964-1977

The President and real maker of Ramgarhia Educational Institutions, Late S. Mela Singh Bhogal as a dedicated soul, devoted to education & service to the mankind. His self-less sacrifices and seriousness of duty continued in the progressive work of REC. He took revolutionary steps in the field of education by initiating girls schools and colleges.

Late S. Pritam Singh Bhogal

Ex President REC 1977-2006

Our Ex President S. Pritam Singh Bhogal, blessed with superior mental ability characterized by sound judgment, deep intuition, logical reasoning, executive and organizing ability, had been piloting Ramgarhia Educational Institutions since 1977. He was always looked for guidance, counsel & inspiration. To be able to understand and handle educational situations, to inspire the faculty with words of wisdom, to enjoy high esteem and reputation and tomaintain interest and leadership in academic sphere, hepossessed a great magnitude of emotional stability and general scholarships by taking initiatives and starting community development cells under REC.

Late S. Bharpur Singh Bhogal

Ex. Chairman cum President REC 2006-2017

Late S. Bharpur Singh Bhogal was a name synonymous to greatness and creativeness.The success of Ramgarhia Educational council is based upon his princely donations, his sagacity, fertile imagination, originality & long experience. He believes to educate the masses without discrimination with his commitment and hardwork . Philanthropist S. Bharpur Singh Bhogal a gold medalist in MA LLB, remained president of Bar Association Phagwara for 12 years. He won many National & International Awards like Indra Gandhi Sadhbhavna Award in 2006, Interstate Goldstar Millanum Award & International kohinoor Award in 2007. 

Late S. Bharpur Singh Bhogal became President of Ramgarhia Educational Council in 2006. This period was highly sensitive and challenging. The govt. was restraining from grants and there was cut throat competition everywhere. Understanding need of the hour, he brought innovations and healthy practices in the administration. After taking Ramgarhia institute of engineering and technology to new heights, he opened Ramgarhia Institute of health sciences & Research,  ITI Khalyan and Ramgarhia Institute of Management & Advanced Studies. He was always eager to help the needy students. He was very helpful and empathetic towards his employees of Ramgarhia Educational Institutions. This quality made him adorable among all the employees. He is one of the erudite and impeccable personality of Phagwara.

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