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"A revolution is an idea which has found its bayonets"

Napoleon Bonaparte
Campus To Corporate Training
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“A healthy personality is contagious but don’t wait to catch it from others. Just be a carrier!”


A person’s personality is his/her asset. Today, personality is considered as the "Brand Image" of an individual. Personality is what makes a person appear in front of other people. Personality development is an improvement of behavior, communication skills and interpersonal relationships.

Every individual is blessed with a unique identity when it comes to personal qualities. The concept of personality development gains prominence here. Personality is not merely concerned with the way one conducts himself or herself in public. Rather it is an amalgamation of a whole lot of qualities.

Every one of us always keeps on drawing some picture of what our future will be but if we project our self as a failure and get demoralized we will never succeed. In most of the cases when candidates are asked about the reason behind their need to enroll themselves for a personality development course, invariably they have replied that they fail to express themselves confidently. Naturally, their phraseology was different in all of the cases. However, they invariably revealed the same central idea that they want to communicate confidently in public when required.

CareerSkills as a training institute believes that every individual possesses the ability to be well conversant, it is not a gift bestowed by Providence. It is not a privilege limited to a category of people rather each and every individual can develop this through her/his own latent capacity if she/he has sufficient desire to do so under our guidance.  In our Personality Development Program learners are trained to nurture their personality traits .This course is perfectly designed to develop optimistic outlook towards life as whole.


This program will be useful for the students of Colleges to prepare and equip themselves for their career ahead. The course will also help in refining the overall personality of students and help them to face the challenges of bigger world when they step out of the portals of the college.




Competencies Mapped


Personal Effectiveness

Self awareness



Self Esteem & Confidence



Verbal Reasoning

Non-Verbal Reasoning

Quantative Aptitude


Corporate Communication

Interpersonal Communication

Spoke(Oral + Presentation Skills)

Body Language

Written Communication


Creative Thinking


Lateral Thinking

Presence of Mind

Out of box thinking


Achievement Orientation

Target & Goal Setting


Business Etiquette

Cubicle & Meeting Protocol

Email Etiquette

Telephone Etiquette

Dining Etiquette

Personal Hygiene & Grooming


Interview Effectiveness

Cover Letter


Interview tips

Group Discusion Tips.






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