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RIET, Accreditated by IAO, USA
Date 13/09/2011 06:49  Hits 8128  
Ramgarhia Institute of Engineering & Technology, Phagwara is first Institute of North Zone which gets  Accreditation  from International Accreditation Organization (IAO), USA

Benefits of IAO's Accreditation

With the rise of traditional and non- traditional educational institutions the education sector is growing phenomenally. To assure students, public and other stakeholders that an education provider delivers quality education, institutions today need to get accredited. IAO's accreditation is recognized as a symbol of quality and being associated with IAO, the education provider enjoys numerous benefits such as:

  • International Accreditation with Regional Recognition
    IAO's accreditation is international in nature, which means that your educational institute will be recognized and accepted on an international scale. Additionally, it will also enrich your profile on a regional level, resulting in increased student recruitments.
  • International Benchmark in Education Standards
    The score that an education provider gets under the Points Profile System of IAO ensures that the education program and procedures of the establishment can be easily compared with any other education provider in any part of the world. IAO's accreditation gives you a competitive edge over all regional and international educational institutions.
  • International Acceptability
    By virtue of the IAO's Points Profile System, your establishment's student's degrees and credits will have increased acceptability around the world. IAO's accreditation is a mark that the education program and procedures of your establishment are up to the international standards of education and thus students also enjoy the acceptance by the global corporate sector.
  • Endorsement of Students Credentials
    Your institution's student will also benefit from IAO's Point Profile System for students that are specially designed to endorse their professional credentials to improve their professional profiles. This will help them to achieve their career aspirations.
  • International Promotion
    IAO's accreditation will serve as a platform for International promotion of your institution by IAO's participation in educational events and online educational portals.
  • Access to IAO's Publications
    IAO will periodically send its publications to your institute to keep you updated on the latest developments pertaining to the accreditation standards around the world to help maintain and enhance your educational practices and standards.
  • Participation in IAO’s Events
    IAO's accreditation will serve for a professional development opportunity of your staff members by participating in IAO's conferences and seminars. It will also encourage sharing of information, technology and resources on quality assurance standards and good practices on an international level.
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