B.Tech (ME)
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 Bachelor of Technology (Mechanical Engineering)

 Course Type



 4years (8 semester)


 Mechanical Department




I K Gujral Punjab Technical University


AICTE, New Delhi

About the Program

Mechanical Engineering finds application in all fields of technology. It is one of the primitive branches of Engineering which have remained always in demand and continue to be in the future. This is why Mechanical trade is called as an Evergreen trade (branch). Mechanical engineers have always been needed as an essential staff personnel in various industries of both public and private sector. Their work criteria changes according to the type and domain of the company they are working with. As the Industrial sector has drastically risen in pace, the need for more mechanical engineers has increased exponentially. Every manufacturing and production industry needs mechanical engineers to carry out jobs efficiently and flawlessly for their companies.

Working Domain of Mechanical Engineers

As the Working criteria of a mechanical Engineer changes according to the type and domain of the company they are working with and field of specialization we can broadly say that a mechanical Engineer works how to Design and control a system that goes into the process of manufacturing the machinery and product. He tests new systems for feasibility and efficiency and carries out Quality management and improvement process. 
Mechanical engineers  work in the automotive, aerospace, chemical, computer, communication, paper, and power generation  industries.

Career Prospectus 
Aspirants who have completed B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering degree have a lot of career opportunities in several sectors throughout our country as well as abroad. They can get very good salary packages too. They can work in flexible job profiles in various reputed firms. Some of the areas where these people can utilize their capabilities include the following.


Some of the top firms where these graduates are recruited include the following.